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Our Baby Books have 36 pages, illustrated with vintage silhouettes, covering a child's life from before birth to five. The paper used inside the book is Stonehenge 90 lb, acid-free drawing paper, and the color used inside the book coordinates with the cover paper; the cover papers come from all over the world, many being hand printed. We can easily modify the family pages for adoptions, even single-parent adoptions, or for same-sex parents. The books open flat and have tiny envelopes for a lock of hair and the first tooth lost, and a large 9 x 11 vellum envelope in the back for cards, drawings, extra photos, even a sonogram. The book's pages measure 9 by 11 inches; the whole book is 9.5 by 11.5 inches.

The cost of our baby books is $60 for books with machine printed cover paper (excepting Japanese prints), and $70 for hand printed and Japanese cover paper. The book shown above is covered in hand-printed paste paper from Italy and costs $70. The spine can also be made in light green or pink, and the paper comes in blue (see below).

Here are some of our other baby books, with prices and descriptions; the prints are shown in a much reduced size.

Bright red-orange and white goldfish making ripples in dark blue water. Spine: orange. Inside: blue. Click to see the whole album. White bunnies on a pastel rainbow background. Spine: dark plum. Paper available in pink, blue and green. Pale blue background with bright pink flowers and white rabbits. Spine: pink or white White, lavender and pale orange butterflies and flowers on bright red. Spine: orange Pink roses and little pink and blue flowers from Italy. Spine: light green but could be blue or pink
Price: $70 Price: $70 Price: $70 Price: $70 Price: $60
Red, purple, orange and pink big polka dots, silkscreened paper from India. Spine: red. Click to see a picture of the full album. Hand-printed blue butterflies on yellow paste paper from Italy. Spine: blue Hand-printed paste paper with white daisies on pink. Comes in blue, too .Spine: white Hand-printed paste paper with white daisies on light blue. Spine: white
Price: $60 Price: $60 Price: $70 Price: $70

Look at our different papers for other choices for cute baby books. We have papers from delicate Japanese floral prints to bouncy monkeys to bright stripes from India.

BRAG BOOKS - MINI Photo Albums - $8

A "brag book" is a small album with 4 by 6 photo sleeves, enough for 24 photos. Paper Antix can make "brag books" to match any of the baby books, or in any of our papers.

Some of the books open on the 6-inch side for vertical pictures, and some open on the 4-inch size for horizontally-oriented pictures. At the right is pictured a vertical-opening book opened to show the plastic sleeve pages.

RIGHT: A horizontally-oriented brag book open to show the plastic photo sleeves
The brag book at the left (Japanese bunny paper) is not made from a commercially-made inside and has only 12 pages, but it has a real cloth spine and heavy paper pages instead of plastic.
Email us if you would like a brag book in any of our special order papers.


Our photo albums open flat. The pages are made with 90-lb. acid free Stonehenge drawing paper with the natural deckle edge at the front. The pages are sewn with spacers between them to allow for the expansion which will occur when photographs are added. Sizes and number of pages varies. We can make any size album up to 13 inches wide by 19 inches tall, but most of our popular size is 9 by 11 inches.

At right, and open album, and the top view of an empty album (bottom left) and the top view of a full album (bottom right)

Below are some of our traditional photo albums with sewn pages. The full pictures below show the different types of albums we make: ribbons through the spine, panorama albums (6.5 by 11 horizontal), rectangular (most 9.5 by 11.5) and square. If you are looking for a smaller album, we have some that have pages tied onto the spine with ribbons. These albums range in size from 6.5 by 7 inches to 9 by 9 inches. Click here to see a selection.
60 pages, 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Cover: Japanese Chiyogami paper with flowers in rust, blue, green and white on a soft teal field of bamboo; spine in teal Japanese silk bookcloth. PANORAMIC SIZE: 60 pages, size 6.5 inches by 11 inches. Cover: Blue, pale olive, and salmon pink with gold on white, from Japan; spine of pale olive Japanese silk. 60 pages, 9 by 11 inches. Cover: Colorful peacock-tail pattern in red-orange, peacock blue, gold, brown and white; spine in dark brown bookcloth.
Price $60 Price $55 Price $50

60 pages, size 9 inches by 11 inches. Cover: Orange and Maroon striped fabric with bands of gold and silver thread. 60 pages, size 9 inches by 11 inches. Cover: Silk brocade from China with gold dragons on a turquoise blue background. 60 pages, size 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Cover: brown geometric tweed fabric
Price $50 Price $65 Price $50

60 pages, size 9 inches by 13 inches. Cover: Florentine paper with multi-colored vines, accented in gold; spine in red bookcloth with large red organdy ribbon bows. 50 pages, size 9 by 11 inches. Cover: Italian print with pink roses and tiny pink and white blossoms. Spine: light green bookcloth. NOTE: We have a BABY BOOK that matches this paper. 60 pages, size 9 inches by 11 inches. Cover: brown, orange and gold Chinese satin brocade fabric. Spine: old gold Japanese silk bookcloth
Price: $55 Price $50 Price: $65
44 pages, size 9 by 9 inches. Cover soft pink with embossed white dragonflies and gold accents. Spine white Japanese silk. (This paper is available in light blue, too!) 60 pages, size 9 by 9 inches. White flowers with pale green centers on pale gray with gold accents. Spine: platinum Japanese silk. 60 pages, size 9 by 11 inches. Covered in black satin Chinese brocade fabric with lavender butterflies.
Price: $60 Price: $60 Price: $65

60 pages, size 9.5 by 9.5 inches. Cover: tiny white flowers with dark red centers on beige with gold accents; spine: gold-beige raw silk. 60 pages, size 9.5 by 11.5 inches. Cover: Satin brocade fabric in a pale gold with bright colored dragonflies (inset shows one nearly full sized). Fabric wraps fully around album. 52 pages, size 9.5 by 11.5 inches. Cover: Gold interwoven leaves and butterflies on a bright red Japanese paper; spine: black Japanese silk.
Price: $60 Price: $65 Price: $60

44 pages. Fun batiked and hand painted dragonfly with bright orange spine. Price: $60 44 pages. Fun batiked and hand painted dragonfly with deep purple spine. Price: $60 44 pages. Fun batiked and hand painted dragonfly with cheerful yellow spine. Price: $60

44 pages. 9 by 11 inches. Cover paper with embedded bougainvillea flowers and green leaves. Dark green spine. Price $50 44 pages. 9 by 11 inches. Covered in a tie-dyed tissue paper from Japan. Spine in marine blue. Price $60 60 pages. 9 by 11 inches. Cover: a map of Rome. Spine: pale gray bookcloth. Price $50.
44 pages. 9 by 11 inches. Cover: Thai paper embedded with pink bougainvillea petals and leaves. Spine: dark red. Price $50. 60 pages. 13 (tall) by 11 inches. Cover: pink floral on a peach background, Japanese paper. Spine: natural linen. Price $60 60 pages. 9 by 11 inches. Cover: Black "tile" pattern, Japanese paper. Spine: black. Price $60.
60 pages. 9 by 11 inches. Cover: Japanese paper, black and white waves with pink and red blossoms. Spine: black. Price: $60 44 pages. 9 by 9 inches. Cover: purple, blue and black thin stripes, Japanese paper. Spine: black. Price: $50 44 pages. 7 by 7 inches. Cover: Indian screen print of a light brown floral tile pattern on a beige ground. Spine: black. Price $35
60 pages. 9 by 9 inches. Cover: Black, gray and red Art Nouveau roses, Japanese paper. Spine: black. Price: $60 44 pages, 9 by 9 inches. Blue and pink flame marble paper with a blue cloth spine. Price: $40 44 pages, 9 by 9 inches. Garden flowers and insects with a dark green spine. Price: $40
44 pages, 9 by 9 inches. Rose and maroon combed marble paper with a red spine. Price: $40 44 pages, 9 by 9 inches. Blue combed marble paper with a light blue cloth spine. Price: $40


These albums do not have sewn-in pages like our traditional albums do; the signatures (sets of pages) are tied onto the cover spine with ribbon. They can be used as guestbooks as well as photo albums, but they are designed to expand when photos are added to the pages. The middle photo below shows how the book is constructed.

Below are some of our ribbon albums. As long as we have the paper, we can make ribbon albums to match wedding journals, baby books, guestbooks or traditional sewn photo albums. Sizes vary between 6 by 7 inches to 8 by 8 inches.
Japanese print of colorful ribbons tied in black ribbon. Multicolor Florentine pattern from Italy with accents in gold Pastel pink leaves on soft textured paper. Tied with pink raffia Petals embedded in light green textured paper from Thailand Hand stamped paste paper in dark green with red and gold undertones and gold ribbon.
Price $25 Price $25 Price: $25 Price: $25 Price: $25

Green and gold striped Indian screen print with several dark green silk ribbons. Pastel green leaves printed on soft textured paper Asian writing in light and dark purple on a pale lavender background Italian Renaissance playing cards paper with black spine and red and black ribbons Green, brown and red marble paper from Italy, tied in brown grosgrain ribbon
Price: $25 Price: $25 Price: $25 Price: $25 Price: $25

Hand-printed multi-colored butterflies on blue paste paper White floral pattern embossed on orange with orange ribbons. Italian print of flags from the Renaissance, tied in blue organza ribbon
Price: $25 Price: $25 Price: $25


Accordion Albums and Other Folded Books

An accordion book has pages that fold back and forth in a continuous strip.

Our inventory of these little books is always changing. Because they are so affordable, they are popular at the shows we do. If you would like an accordion book, or several, please email your request. We can send pictures of what we have in stock or make what you want from our selection of fun papers. Although our paper inventory is also always changing, click here for a fairly accurate selection:

Accordion Books

These little albums come in different sizes and have different numbers of pages.

4 by 6 book has four pages
3 by 3 book has 12 or 14 pages
3.75 by 5 book has six pages
5 by 7 and 5 by 5 books have four pages

They can be ordered with any number of pages.

Prices for the standard sizes and pages:

4 by 6 with four pages: $12
3 by 3 with 12 or 14 pages: $6
3.75 by 5 with six pages: $9
5 by 7 or 5 by 5 with four pages: $15

Additional pages, add 50 cents per page.

3 by 3 mini accordions

Use them for gift cards from a group, tiny photo albums for your purse, autograph books, or for your favorite quotations. These little books are only 3" square and have 14 pages. They can be made to order with any number of pages and any cover paper. Ribbons can be put on both sides, or wrapping across the front.
See SPECIAL ORDERS for a selection of papers available, and send us an email about what you'd like us to make for you. Great party favors!

Accordion Books with Pockets

The pages of these accordion books are folded up at the bottom, making a deep pocket on each page (see picture, far right), and leaving enough room on the front of the pocket for writing. The perfect little book for keeping treasured mementos of a special occasion or trip.

These books can be made any size, although the pages are stronger in smaller sizes. The books shown at right have 4" by 6" pages and tie with a ribbon with six inside pages.

Shown below is a smaller book with 8 pages 3 1/4" by 4 1/2", filled with photos and ticket stubs and decorated with ribbons, bits of jewelry, and other souvenirs of this person's life. Somewhat like 3-D scrapbooking!

Above, 4 by 6 pocket accordions with 6 pages, $15.00 each. Below, 3 1/4 by 4 1/2 pocket accordions, 8 pages, $10.00.

These books are also made in a 4 by 5.5 inch size with six pages ($12) and a 4.5 by 6.5 inch size with either four pages ($18) or eight pages ($20).

Email us to inquire about our pocket accordion books and to ask us to make one for you or to send photos of what we have in stock.

Folding Albums

Origami Scrapbook

This unusual album folds up to a square and ties with a ribbon, but when it is opened, the pages unfold in triangles and squares. The album can be hung up vertically to display photos and memorabilia or autographs, or it can stay tied and viewed horizontally, more like a book.

The book is 4 3/4 inches square.

Price: $15.00

The origami scrapbook, when open.

There are a total of six square pages and twenty triangle pages. The book unfolds to reveal a cascade of all twenty-six panels. The book ties closed with a ribbon.

These books are our most popular item at shows, so our inventory is always changing. Email us and ask us to make one for you or to send pictures of what we have on hand.

Triangle Fold Books

These triangle books consist of a strip of heavy paper folded in triangles, making seven large faces, each with a center fold. The short sides of the triangles are 4 1/2". The covers are bookboard with decorative papers, and the books tie closed with a complementary ribbon.

Price: $10