Almost all of our work can be customized for a special size, number of pages, color or fabric. We can usually even work with fabric or special papers you have. Virtually any kinds of papers can be ordered, even if we don't have them in stock. Just ask. Click HERE to see pictures of the papers we do have, although this stock is always changing.


Please EMAIL us if you would like to discuss a special order.

An album can be made any size up to 13" wide, 19" tall, with any even number of pages. The inside papers are available in pure white, warm white, ivory, fawn (a light tan), gray, and black. The spine can be made in a complementary color of bookcloth, or the entire album can be covered in the same paper or fabric. Almost any fabric can be used. The back can be embellished with ribbons and/or beads, or left plain.

Click HERE to see the many papers we have in stock. There are many places on the internet to see other patterns of paper that can be purchased for any special order.

The cost of an album is determined by many things, such as the cost of the covering paper or fabric, the number of pages, and the overall size. Most of our albums which are 44-60 pages, 9.5" by 11.5" without ribbons cost from $50 to $60 when covered in most of the papers below. The fabrics are more expensive. Smaller albums start at $25.

License Plate books

The license plate books shown on the albums page have their pages decorated with maps, ephemera, and charms, but these books can be made blank. We have license plates from Wyoming, Idaho, Texas (truck) and another New Jersey, but almost any state plate can be found, given enough time, on eBay.

Blank license plate book: $25 plus cost of a license plate that has to be purchased online.


Boxes can be made in any size and shape, up to about 12 inches square and 4 inches deep, although not all papers are suitable for all types of boxes. Boxes can have hinged tops or removable tops, dividers inside, or inset trays.

Some boxes are like portfolios which unfold, which fold up around the object they are made to contain. These kinds of boxes are perfect for an old family Bible or treasured packet of old letters.

A portfolio box for an old album

Left: A portfolio box to hold a battered old family Bible.

Another kind of protective box is called a clamshell, which consists of two three-sided trays hinged with a spine like a book. This one holds an old leather-bound book.

A third kind of box is a slipcase (not pictured) which is an open-ended box which holds a book or boxed object.

If you have something you would like put into a box, portfolio, or slip case, please email for a cost estimate. Cost depends on size and materials. Bookcloth is better than decorative paper for larger boxes with heavier contents because of its strength, but decorative papers can be used for the lining, as shown in the samples.

Please email us to discuss a custom box.


A box which has a spine and cover and opens like a book, and which can be tied closed with ribbons (optional), is called a "book-style" box.

This style of box can have any type of decorative paper as a panel on the top, not just a block print style. They can also be covered in the decorative paper, not all in bookcloth. See our selection of book-style boxes here.

Cost depends on size and materials, but an average sized box would cost $25-$50.



Accordion books can be made any size for any special collection of papers or photographs. Perfect for a gift from many people, each of whom can decorate one page for the recipient of the book. Prices vary with size and number of pages. Please email us if you want a custom accordion book.



This book is a special production based on the origami fold album, which has an even number of diamond-shaped pages with folding triangular pages in between them. In this book, old family photographs were scanned in circles and mounted on the diamond-shaped pages, while the triangles were filled with ephemera and mementoes of these people: buttons, pressed flowers, bits of jewelry and lace, old letters, stamps, music, shells, locks of hair, and vintage images.

Size: 4.5" square.

This particular album has six center pages and twenty triangles.

Cost of this book depends partly on whether you supply some of the vintage material for the triangular pages, but an estimate of the cost to make a book like this would be $100. Please email.

Picture portfolio

Two covers in decorative paper, tied with a coordinating ribbon, insides lined in high quality, plain paper. Suitable for two pictures, or one picture and a written greeting. Strong for mailing or carrying in a purse or briefcase.

These can be made in any size and with virtually any decorative paper or fabric.

Prices start at $4 for wallet-sized photos and average-priced decorative papers.

These are perfect for making the gift of a school picture a bit fancier.


JAPANESE PRINTS (click small image to see larger sample)Please NOTE: This section is out of date and is in the process of being updated Also, some of the pieces I have are too small for a large photo album but fine for an accordion or triangle book. Thank you for your patience!!
Cherry blossom print with pink, white and gold Cherry blossoms in pale pinks Floral print with red and pink chysanthemums White and gold tiny flowers on two shades of pink Pink blossoms over water Pink and white blossoms Leaping bunnies on pink Round bunnies on light red
Pink flowers in swirls of white, black and silver Round bunnies and pink flowers in alternating 1-inch squares White scrolly butterflies on red and pink bands Red, orange and white flowers on pink Pink and red flowers on vines on cream background Red embossed flowers on black Orange centered gold sunsbursts on red Gray and green Japanese maple leaves on red
Red flowers and vines on white Pink blossoms on red Little gold flower pattern on red Gold floral pattern on red Gold lines and squares pattern on bright red White flowers on bright red Colorful balls on red Gold flowers on dark plum
Red and dark blue zig zag pattern with gold Barnyard print on red - cows, sheep, bunnies and chicks White flowers and gold swirls on light red White and hot pink flowers on red Large red and dark red flower screen print Red parasols and hats on black Birds and scrolls multicolored but mostly red. Contemporary floral pattern in dark pink and beige
Orange mums on black Gold fans, tiny red and blue blossoms on white Red, pink, orange and blue screen print mums Red, green, purple and ochre floral screen print Pink blossoms on branches on yellow White mums silhouettes on bright yellow Red and black bars on deep yellow background Yellow "Art Nouveau" roses
Tan and pink flowers on green Tiny white blossoms on light green with gold flecks Cream blossoms on lime green Olive green vines with touches of red Round bunnies on light green Olive leaves and red flowers on dark green Green and red floral screen print Green maple leaves with gold
Coral and blue floral print on shades of olive green Woodland print in soft colors on green Purple, red and white contemporary floral on lime Pale green and ivory leaves with silver ferns on white (no large sample) Goldfish on light green Goldfish and blue plants on light turquoise
Cream, beige and light moss floral "fields" Light blue blossoms on white Orange and blue flowers on light blue White, lavender and light blue floral "fields" Raised white dragonflies and gold swirls on light blue Dark dragonflies and green water plants on light blue  
White and gold large floral print on turquoise   Round bunnies on light blue White leaping bunnies on pale blue Bunnies sitting on moons in blue "sky" full of gold flowers Coral, white and blue flowers on dark blue background Blue, pink and white flowers, green leaves  
Light blue morning glories on cream Colorful patches, like a quilt, with circular pattern Pink and white gerber daisies on bright blue White petals on branches on beige and light blue Farmyard on light blue - cows, bunnies, sheep & chicks Pink and white flowers and fans in blocks of blue and gray   Red, white and pink blossoms on light blue
Blue, white and brown flowers on tan Overlapping circles filled with blue patterns Black, blue and white flowers on deep blue Small blue plaid   Overlapping patterned ribbons in blues and gold Goldfish on light blue Blue butterflies in fields of flowers and clouds
Blue flowers on red Red and white floral branches on light blue   Traditional screen print in blue with dark red accents White/pink blossoms over blue clouds ivory, olive, lavender and apricot bands of patterns Round bunnies on multi-colored pastel background Red, blue and purple contemporary floral design
White dragonflies on dark blue   Gray and purple flowers on dark navy   Woodland print in soft colors on lavender-gray   Blue and lavender flowers, gold lines, on brown Flowers and fans on alternating purple and gray
White and red blossoms on beige Tiny white flowers with gold and dark red on beige Tan mums on brown Brown and black fronds screen print Blue purple orange tan irregular stripe Silver snowflakes on white
Black, gray and white flowers on light gray   White stylized flowers on gray Gray, black, white and gold umbrella pattern Overlapping circles of black, whtie and gray parasols Gray "wheels" with green centers Gold dots in arc patterns on black Gold/tawny brown and black. Gold is bright gold.
Black/gold patterns with white crescents and flowers Woodland print in soft colors on black

(shown nearly full size - no larger images)
Brookfield Letterpress print Eastern Bridges Brookfield Letterpress print Orange compass Brookfield Letterpress print Village Trees Brookfield letterpress print purple flowers Bright lavender, red and black tile pattern Chartreuse and lavender tile pattern Stylized flower bursts on blue Multi-colored stylized flowers on dark brown
Monkeys in T-shirts on light green Colorful elephants Big goldfish Parrots (limited quantity available) White and orange bees on tawny yellow Modern acorn pattern in brown and green on white Red birds, evergreen trees multicolored birds, spring trees
Very pale pastel broad stripes Flowers, herbs and fruit garden print Multi-colored hearts Small cream gold and silver hearts on white White, cream and gold hearts on silver Huge (6") pink flower pattern of modern design White tiled floral pattern on rose pink Gray background, silver "fans"
Large scale modern print of bittersweet Large (2") dogwood blooms - design contemporary Large (9") circles with lily pads and fish Contemporary large lotus print Contemporary large-scale print of pussywillows gray/brown on white Big X's and O's in white, pale pink and bright pink on light chartreuse Black paper with gold and bronze circle patterns Brown and silver dot circles on black

Brown/white African-look print Playing cards Multi-colored fleur-de-lys Green fleur-de-lys Dark brown manuscript Tiny green vines Tassels and floral swags Mistletoe
Formal Florentine vines on blue Traditional Florentine pattern Brown and gold traditional Florentine Floral print on brown Floral print on blue Very pastel floral print Red and pink rose bouquets tied with blue ribbon Art Nouveau-like pastel floral pattern
Pink roses and light blue flowers on cream Tiny blue tile pattern Music, old gold on lighter gold (click to see larger sample) Stylized peacock (click to see larger sample) Silver floral print on blue paper (click to see larger sample) Pearl floral pattern on ecru Red and green diamond/circle pattern Blue block print
Blue/yellow country print Red/orange print (actual size shown in corner) Red flowers on blue (actual size shown in corner)

Big dots on light blue Big dots on dark red Black/gold on brown Blue stripe on natural/gray, actual size Gold and silver lines on natural, near actual size Gray stripe on pale gray/white, near actual size Gold stripe on natural/tan, near actual size White rick-rack on gray, actual size
Silver ferns with green dots on lighter green (no larger image) Old gold and orange floral bursts on fuschia White stripe on blue, shown almost actual size. White stripe on yellow, shown almost actual size. Blue and silver floral pattern on black Orange on orange with gold, floral all-over pattern Gold dragonflies and dark blue dots on turquoise Patches of tesselated patterns like Islamc designs
White vines on pale gray Pink and turquoise dots on dark pink Fern print on green Fern print on dark red Orange stripes and lime green dots on fuschia Turquoise stripes and lime green dots on blue Pink stripes and turquoise dots on magenta Pink, orange and lavender block print plaid
Swirling waves on ligh blue-gray Swirling waves on light brown Dark pink hearts on red Yellow bars and white dots on pale pink Black squares on light brown Gold squares on black (photo doesn't show the gold well) Pink dragonflies with gold wings on white Gold and white checkerboard with silver hearts
Batik vine pattern on mustard Batik vine pattern on dark rose Yellow floral all-over pattern on orange Silver and gold ginkho leaves on white Two shades of gold ginkho leaves on red Actual leaf prints in pale olive on pale yellow or natural paper Gold beetles on dark green Gold beetles on purple
Black bird and flower print on brown paper Silver vines and lime green dots stamped on light green Blue flowers on lavender Blue flowers on pale yellow Pearly ginkgo leaves screen print on tan Pearly ginkgo leaves screen print on darker tan Tiny gold hearts on red unryu (very light weight) paper Gold stamped on orange paper leaving leaf pattern in orange
Gold squares stamped on dark brown light-weight paper Silver squares stamped on lime creen light-weight paper Light turquoise polka dots on brown Red "spatter" pattern on lighter red Black woven ribbons on light brown white daisies on medium olive green white daisies on dusty rose red and purple ribbons with gold
silver and gold ribbon lattice

Purple/turquoise /orange on light blue Black/gold/dark blue stripe White/off white/gold stripe Flowers with red centers on blue background (click for larger image) Flowers with blue centers on pink, shown actual size. Bunnies and lettuce on red, shown nearly actual size) Bunnies and lettuce on blue (click for larger image) Pink and white flowers on deep blue paste
While, gold and blue flowers and leaves on pale blue-gray Multicolored flowers and acorns on yellow paste Small fish stamped into dark blue and light blue brush strokes Larger fish stamped into dark blue-green with gold sprinkles Feather stamped into dark red paint on dark red paper Heart stamped into pale pink brush strokes Bows stamped into pale pink, lavender and gold brush strokes Dragonflies stamped into dark blue brush strokes with gold dust
Gold brush strokes, no design Gold and silver brush strokes, no design Pale gold brush strokes, no design Silver brush strokes, no pattern Heart stamped into red and gold brush strokes

Lavender leaf skeletons tissue Beige and white irregular stripes (click to see larger image) Crinkle pattern in browns created by spray paint Japanese Sekka-washi (snowflake tie-dye) mostly red Japanese Sekka-washi (snowflake tie-dye) blue/green Pattern created by bleach drops on light brown paper
MARBLE PAPERS (click image to see a larger sample)
Dark blue, turquoise and gold marble paper Turquoise, ochre and gray marble paper Brown and dusty blue flame marble paper Pink, white and gold marble Natural greens, browns and grays (click for larger sample) Medium and lighter blue with gold (click for larger sample) Bold greens with black and red (click for larger sample) Medium blue-green and light green (click for larger sample)
Blue and gray non-pareil pattern handmade Blue and yellow wave non-pareil marble paper Gray, light blue and off-white wave non-pareil marble Dark reds, grays, blue and white wave non-pareil marble Mustard, red and blue wave non-pareil marble Pink, blue and cream flame marble Rose and blue flame marble Rose wave non-pareil marble
Yellows, browns and blue wave non-pareil marble

Gold raised bumps in spiral swirl pattern Shell and small check embossed in pink. Comes in silver and pearl Bright colored raised dots on black Brushed pale orange in basketweave pattern Blue paper with bougainvillea flowers, also available with iris Pink paper with bougainvillea flowers, also available with iris Flowers in heavy paper (click to see larger) White embossed butterflies
Raised floral pattern in light red orange paper Flower petals in light blue Flower petals in pale green Flower petals in pale yellow Confetti embedded in orange paper Confetti embedded in blue paper Newsprint embedded in dark red tissue Newsprint embedded in white tissue
"Seersucker" textured paper in green "Seersucker" textured paper in pink Pearlescent swirls Bronze glitter paper Gold glitter paper Red glitter paper Silver glitter paper Raised silver dots on pink (actual size)


Black Chartreuse Medium brown Confederate blue Dark green Medium green Red Yellow
Pool Light orange White Blue raw silk White raw silk Purple silk brocade White silk brocade Black silk with raised dots
Bookcloth can be ordered in dozens of colors from suppliers such as Paper Source, Talas and Hollander's. If we don't have what you want, we can easily order it. Please ask.